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Collectors Call TV Show

Paul and his Brother Rick talk about how Rick devoted a large part of his life to collecting everything related to The Fab Four, and now displays it all in his gallery-like basement.

Museum of Broadcast Communication

In May of 2015, The Museum of Broadcast Communication located in Chicago opened the Paul M Lisnek Gallery, a permanent exhibit which honors and details the personal life and professional career of Paul in the world of TV and radio.

It also features a rotating set of items from Paul’s extensive Hollywood and Broadway Memorabilia collection, which was also featured on the series premiere of ME-TV’s “Collector’s Call,” hosted by (Facts of Life’s) Lisa Whelchel.

Theater and Entertainment

Paul has also worked in the entertainment industry interviewing countless entertainers in music and Hollywood for the Comcast Network on his WGN- TV shows, and his WGN Radio Podcast “Behind the Curtain.”

Paul’s true passion rests in live theater where he has interviewed the casts and creators of the biggest and greatest Broadway shows since 2010, some of which can be found on the website pages which follow.

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