Political Photos

I have interviewed countless numbers of politicians from all parties and at all levels, and sometimes find myself at events with them. These photos capture some of those moments.

Featured Political Photos

John Kasich
James Carville
Gov Pritzker
Lori Lightfoot
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Entertainment and Celebrity Photos

I have interviewed so many entertainment figures from the world of theater, music and other arts. Often it is for my Comcast Backstage show but also find myself in the same events with some of these celebrity greats. These photos share some of those moments from my world.

Featured Entertainment and Celebrity Photos

Larry David
Carol Burnett
Ted Koppel
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Personal Photos from Paul's Life

I know people often wonder about the personal lives of public figures. Life is not all hanging around with political and entertainment figures. There are many more personal moments with family, friends and in my case, charity events for causes that matter a lot to me. These are photos from a variety of personal arenas that offer a personal look into my private world and perhaps we share some of the same interests in making the world a better place.

Featured Personal Photos from Paul's Life

Paul and the Dogs
PML Gallery Open

Paul with Mark Suppelsa at the opening of the Paul M. Lisnek Gallery at the Museum of Broadcast Communication.

Trial Advocacy

At the Paul M. Lisnek Trial Advocacy Awards.

Dancing with Celebrities

Paul dancing at the “Dancing with Chicago Celebrities 2016 Charity Ball with Amy Novotny.

At Legacy Project

Paul with his kids at the dedication of The Legacy Project plague for Josephine Baker that Paul sponsored.

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Photo Archive

Enjoy the many Political, Entertainment and Celebrity and Personal photos Paul has been a part of over the years below in the Photo Achieve.

Archived Photos

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